I was hired by Lucky Generals to shoot a few familiar faces, talking about their first memories of work experience. The stories ranged from dissecting dead bodies to bingo calling! We shot the interviews all over the UK in offices, gyms, TV studios, kitchens, museums and rooftops. 
I operated the camera (cannon EOS C70), lite the subject, recorded the sound and co-directed a few interviews. The film was edited in house by Kelvin Hutchins at Lucky Generals, directed by Chris Goulder and produced by Kendal Drake. 
Two thirds of state school kids leave school without any work experience.
And the majority of the best opportunities are only made available to those who are privately educated.
To raise awareness of this issue with the aim of rallying support for getting work experience back on the political agenda, the film had a little help from some famous faces in order to celebrate and drive home the value of work experience.
Celebraties include:
Robert Peston, Mary Portas, Will Buxton, Rosie Holt, Guz Khan, Tom Kerridge, Christoff Van Tullenken, Charlene White, Ed Petrie, Lucy Edwards, Nicky Chapman, Nisha Katona, Sadiq Khan, Savannah Marshall, Steph McGovern and Bobby Seagull. 

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