Prince Harry’s Invictus Games delivers incredible content that celebrates and educates about the achievements & personal and collective goals of this incredibly worthwhile initiative. The Games are a sporting event in which injured servicemen and women compete against one another for medals but, more importantly, bragging rights.

I was amazed at the generosity in both time and attitude of those involved in creating the video above. People like Tom Hardy, Daniel Craig, Bear Grylls, Will.I.Am, Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry, to name but a few, who gave up their day to create a fitting tribute to the courageous, humble men and women who, quite literally, put their bodies on the line for Queen and Country to protect our  freedom.

William Ernest Henley’s poem sets the tone for this powerful and moving teaser for the Invictus Games, which features an impressive host of celebrity endorsements (including Will.I.Am, Daniel Craig, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Tom Hardy) as well as appearances from injured service men and women who are taking part in the games. The film was also used to introduce BBC Two’s live coverage of day 3 of the games on 13th September 2014