Who’s driving this thing?

Feature films are some of the most challenging projects to work on because of their massive scale, high cost, intricate logistics and demanding filming schedule. I’ve made four so far, winning quite a few awards around the film circuit and at festivals.

The Hike was my first feature as director. Distributed by Lionsgate in the UK, it stars Tamer Hassan, Barbara Nedeljakova, Shauna Macdonald, Ben Loyd-Holmes & Zara Phytian. This movie taught me how to make the most of a modest budget to deliver a film that was rich in texture and style (and looked significantly more expensive than the budget). The trailer can be viewed here.

A Vampire’s Tale (distributed by Left in the UK, Grindstone/Lionsgate in the US) stars Doug Bradley, Rita Ramnani & Johnnie Hurn. It’s about a vampire cowboy who wreaks havoc – not a classic revenge story, so this one tested my ability to subvert a genre and explore a unique take on both vampires and revenge stories. Snack on the trailer here.

Ghosted, a hard-hitting prison drama (distributed by Revolver in the UK) starring John Lynch, David Schofield, Martin Compston & Craig Parkinson, gave me excellent experience in managing high profile talent. The film won multiple awards internationally. View the trailer here.

Baseline was based on the East London grime club scene. This film was an opportunity to explore music and youth culture in a dramatic context. Remaining relevant is a vital part of being a cutting edge filmmaker and it’s films like these that keep a filmmaker sharp and current. Baseline was distributed by Revolver in the UK and stars Jaime Forman, Dexter Fletcher, Gordon Alexander and Zoe Tapper. Click here for the trailer.