The doctor is in

There’s no better way to sell an idea or product than with life’s best medicine, laughter. However, comedy is a hard nut to crack. Tone is critical. If you hit the wrong note, you’ll lose half your audience. Get it right and it’s the most powerful tool in your box. A skilled comedy director understands the perfect balance of taste and humour, recognising the boundaries of each client (this can vary massively depending on culture, religion, context, etc).

Poker Geezers, an online promotion for a betting website features Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan playing against type as two well-spoken actors. I made sure I directed the film with a light touch, giving the audience what they wanted (two household name diamond ‘geezers’) in a way they didn’t expect (making them erudite thespians). The result was a film the client loved. Click here to watch or on the video below.

With Cut and Paste, the humour lies not in the sex change a worker is transitioning through but in the way he/she and fellow employees respond to it – the best comedy tends to come from reaction more than action. To view Cut and Paste click on the video below or you can enjoy it here.

Paint by Numbers enters the world of mockumentary with a light-hearted take on the UK’s most popular painting pastime. The film is very much a nod to the work of Christopher Guest (Best in Show, For Your Consideration, This is Spinal Tap). As a director, it’s important to be flexible, even within a single genre, so, with my comedy films, I try to explore distinct approaches from mockumentary to farce to our last film here, situational comedy.

Whatever your film needs, I have the flexibility, knowledge and experience to deliver an appropriate tone and balance for your desired audience.