What I bring to the party

It’s important to work with someone who understands your vision, knows how to get the most out of a budget and can inject creative flair and artistry into the process. I’ve got 15 years of experience in production, directing rising stars to A-list talent – from Tom Hardy to Daniel Craig, Bear Grylls to Stephen Fry, Usain Bolt to Joanna Lumley, from features and shorts to music videos and branded content.

Throughout my career, I’ve fine-tuned how to get the most out of cast and crew. I’ve worked with animals, actors, children and celebrities, all in that order 🙂

Having a genuine interest in the latest camera technology allows me to budget and shoot on the right kit. Whether it’s an 8k Red Weapon or a 4k GoPro, ill choose what’s right for the job.

Having produced several award-winning films, including the feature films Baseline and Ghosted, directed award winning branded content for Carlsberg and Kellogg’s I’ve learnt what it takes to make good content and understand that great content does not just happen, it’s a craft.